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Perfume Ad Banned

23 Nov

Talking a bit more about perfume ads, I want to focus on the recent ad that was pulled in the UK.

This is the ad, the perfume is by Marc Jacobs and it features teen actress Dakota Fanning. They say that this ad resembles more teen porn than teen chic, just because she is resting the rather large floral perfume bottle in between her legs. I on the other hand don’t find this ad sexual at all. She is fully dressed, her facial expression is Continue reading


Perfume- The Story of a Murderer.

13 Nov
Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (film)Perfume

When thinking about books and movies that focuses on perfume, only one book comes to mind. I read this a couple years ago in it’s original language. The book is called “Perfume- Story of a Murderer“, while the original book is written in German and is called “Das Parfum“. The movie came out a year after I finished reading the book, but of course the film did the book no justice. The whole book focuses on you using your sense of smell, like the main character does. Continue reading