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Best and Worst Celebrity Perfumes

3 Dec

One of the worst smelling celebrity perfumes would have to be ‘White Diamonds’ by Elizabeth Taylor. It smells like something old people would wear. It is not refreshing but rather way too strong and overpowering. Continue reading


Perfume Bottles

1 Dec

There are lots of people that collect perfume bottles, myself included. I have kept every perfume bottle of every perfume that I have owned. I wouldn’t necessarily say that I collect them, but I do like to keep them. There are sites out there that are devoted to people who like to collect and they sell for a couple hundred bucks. Continue reading

Chanel Names their New Perfume ‘Jersey’

5 Nov

When I hear the word ‘Jersey‘, I automatically think about Jersey Shore, a show about Americanized Italians that like to fist pump and get drunk every night. There is nothing classy about this show at all, but when I think about Chanel that is the first thing that pops into my mind: classy! So I find it kind of odd that they would name their new Perfume “Jersey”. It is described as “relaxed chic with a dash of liberation.” Continue reading

Smell your zodiac sign

13 Sep
Astrological signs

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Instead of reading your daily horoscope, now you can smell it too thanks to Ban Labs Limited, a healthcare and a cosmetic firm that created a perfume called “Signature”. It will come in 12 different fragrances matching the 12 different zodiac signs. The company has worked with Astrologers to get the right kind of scent for each sign. This perfume is expected to be released within the next couple months.

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Attract Men & Look Younger

6 Sep

According to the “Early Show” there is a perfume out there that is clinically-proven to attract men and make them flirt with you. The name of the perfume? Eau Flirt by Harvey Prince. They have used scientific proven key scents, such as pumpkin and lavender to lure men in. A smell test conducted by CBS said that it beat Chanel No. 5. And while doing a product search on Google, the description reads that this is the first anti-aging perfume for women. So using this perfume will not only make you appear younger but it will also make men flirt with you. I say nice advertising campaign.