My favorite Perfumes

6 Dec

This is my last post for this blog and now that I have talked about everything there is to talk about on perfume, I now want to share my favorite perfumes. I’ve been mentioning some of them in previous posts, but mostly I have been mentioning popular perfumes around the web. So here is my list:

ALL TIME FAVORITE: Marc Jacobs ‘Daisy’

I remember trying this perfume at the mall and spraying it all over, not sure if I liked it. The next day, I put on the jacket I was wearing and it smelled delicious. I had to have this perfume and out of all the perfumes I have owned this is my all time favorite scent. You can’t get wrong with this one.



My second favorite fragrance is Juicy Couture ‘Viva La Juicy’. It is a long lasting and a little musky scent. Stays on all day and night. Can’t get enough of this scent either.






I’ve mentioned this one under the best celebrity perfumes post, but this one is also one of my all time favorite perfumes. Hilary Duff ‘With Love’ also lasts very long and is more on the muskier side. This is a scent that I would recommend to wear over the fall and winter as it is a bit heavier.

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