Best and Worst Celebrity Perfumes

3 Dec

One of the worst smelling celebrity perfumes would have to be ‘White Diamonds’ by Elizabeth Taylor. It smells like something old people would wear. It is not refreshing but rather way too strong and overpowering. Another horrendous smelling fragrance is the one by Mariah Carey ‘M’. It smells really cheap and it is overpoweringly sweet. One customer said it smelled similar to burnt marshmallows.

One of the best smelling celebrity fragrances surprisingly is ‘Fantasy’ by Britney Spears. This scent is said to get compliments all the time and it isn’t too strong but lasts all day and night.

The top smelling celebrity fragrance in my opinion and others would have to be ‘With Love’ by Hilary Duff. I’ve owned this fragrance twice now, and people always ask me what I wear and nobody can believe it’s Hilary Duff. Also an added bonus was that after Christmas time this specific perfume was on sale at Marshalls for about $15 for a 3.4ml bottle.  Winning!

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One Response to “Best and Worst Celebrity Perfumes”

  1. vivalahighstreet December 12, 2011 at 10:29 PM #

    Will definitely try the perfume from Hilary Duff…have linked your post:)

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