Can’t decide on a Perfume?

30 Nov

Everyone sometimes has trouble choosing a perfume because let’s face it: there are way to many options out there, and they keep coming out with new fragrances every month. As I’m browsing the Sephora website I saw that they have these exclusive sampler sets. The set on the right includes ten best selling fragrances from Sephora like Juicy Couture and Dior. This set costs $75 and the best part about it is that it includes a voucher for a full size perfume. I really like this idea, you get to try ten different perfumes, and since you own a sample bottle of each, you can wear them over a span of days and then decide on your favorite. Much better than having to decide inside a store after smelling a couple perfumes over a short period of time. The best part is that with this sampler set you get a voucher for a free full size bottle of perfume. You just have to take it to any Sephora store to redeem it.

This will also make the perfect gift for him or her as they also have this for cologne

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