Chanel Names their New Perfume ‘Jersey’

5 Nov

When I hear the word ‘Jersey‘, I automatically think about Jersey Shore, a show about Americanized Italians that like to fist pump and get drunk every night. There is nothing classy about this show at all, but when I think about Chanel that is the first thing that pops into my mind: classy! So I find it kind of odd that they would name their new Perfume “Jersey”. It is described as “relaxed chic with a dash of liberation.”

Chanel ‘Jersey”

So chic isn’t the word I would use to describe Jersey either, but I came to find out that Chanel has history in Jersey and an important fashion movement started there. It was all about cotton knit fabric that used to be used for men’s undergarments, but was then used for women clothing, freeing them of their corsets, which explains the the description of a dash of liberation. It was quite a big fashion movement, but I think the growing fame for the TV show Jersey Shore is going to have some consequences on the marketing of this perfume.

When I think about the brand Chanel, I think elegant, chic, sensual and for a more mature crowd. When it comes to Jersey Shore I think about wild, crazy, raunchy and for a more immature crowd. I mean it could attract the younger and wilder crowd, but I think the name is going to have a negative effect on the perfume’s brand image.


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