Smell, Memory and Perfume

31 Aug

Certain smells can bring up different kinds of memories of the past and can even trigger your mood. When you first encounter a new smell your brain links it to specific person, place or event. So when you cross paths with that same smell again your brain automatically links it back to the first encounter, whether good or bad. Since you form your own links to different smells, not every smell might bring up a pleasant memory, which is why not everyone likes the same smells.

Jil Sander ‘Sun’

Same goes for perfumes. Certain fragrances will remind you of certain people in your life, whether it is your mother, grandmother, or an ex lover.

Clinique 'Happy Heart'

It can also bring back memories and moments of the past.

For example, Jil Sander ‘Sun’ will always remind me of my mom, and Clinique ‘Happy Heart’, my very first perfume, will always make me think about finally growing up.


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